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400° dry aged grill

The heat from the embers envelops and "seals" the entire surface of meat and other foods, enhancing their natural flavor and preserving their inherent softness.

The beef gets a natural flavor  and awarded the highest level of refinement.  You will be served a unique steak.

We've been using the new charcoal stove for a  cooking philosophy decided; for lovers who value natural flavors with ease.

T Bone Black Angus Beef

We serve our guests  

The finest beef from Argentina, Australia and Ireland.  Natural flavors, lightness and well-being as well  selection of first-class cuts of meat  preparation  the



Swiss Black Angus

Only cattle and oxen with optimal intramuscular marbling are accepted into the Swiss Black Angus program. That means: an extremely good meat structure with fine fibres

intramuscular fat. 

The Best of Ireland 

We chose the well-known meat producer John Stone as our supplier. For more than five decades, John Stone has established a global reputation as the premier supplier of quality dry aged beef.

They select only the best examples of grass-fed Irish cattle. This selection, combined with the unique dry aging process, guarantees the unique tenderness of this flavorful meat.

Tisch Reservierung
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