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Experience at Lake Lucerne

If the weather is not inviting, the fitness room can be used, for example. You can reserve the sauna or the atmospheric separate whirlpool for single use. The small stressless area offers, among other things, an alpha lounger,

Crystal bath, sauna, -

. Daily newspapers and magazines are available in the lounge. -


Atmospheric relaxation for two! The whirlpool can be booked by the hour and exclusively for your own use. Bath towels, bathrobe, slippers, refreshing mineral water and a bottle of chilled sparkling wine are included in the offer.

price per person      60 minutes     CHF 25.-

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"Where I'm no longer heavy at all, but where a sun rises in the very middle of me, like the new day."

Quote from an Alpha experience
Multisensory deep relaxation
The Alpha lounger offers contemporary, deep relaxation in just a short time. Different levels of perception merge into a holistic multi-sensory experience. Created by artist and researcher sha. The specially developed and designed alpha lounger leads people to total deep relaxation in just a few minutes. It reduces stress, strengthens health potential, releases mental blockages, unleashes creativity, prevents burnouts and provides energy.

Price per person       20 minutes        CHF 20.-

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Crystal bath

sound wave massage

The bathtub doesn't have speakers, the bathtub itself is the speaker! The sound is crystal clear. When bathing, the water transmits the vibrations and the bather feels the music in every fiber of his body with unimagined intensity.

colored light therapy
The flicker-free and spectrally pure underwater lighting of the integrated high-performance color emitters colors the water with atmospheric rainbow colors. This colored light has a regenerating and revitalizing effect.


In a special process, the colors are assigned to the corresponding frequencies of the acoustic vibrations. The light can also be set to a color of your choice. The phenomenon of winter depression and spring fever shows how important light is for us.


Price per person       30 minutes     CHF 30.-

Incl.   Bathrobe, towels

      Slippers, mineral water and fruits


Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna has been practiced as a dry hot air bath (85–90 ºC, 10% humidity) for centuries in an unchanged form. The alternation between soothing heat and subsequent cooling strengthens the immune system and the circulation. The soothing scent of spruce mountain woods and natural aroma infusions caresses the respiratory organs.

Incidentally, sauna bathing cares for the skin and purifies. Each sauna session of 8 to 15 minutes is followed by a cooling-off phase. In the original Finnish version, you jump naked into an ice-cold lake; but a cold shower will do, too.

The bio sauna only reaches a temperature of 60 ºC and has a higher humidity than the Finnish sauna. Herbal vapors have a pleasant and relaxing effect

Spa buffet: In the entrance area, a buffet with water, herbal tea and refreshing fruit juices is available to guests free of charge. Fresh fruits drive away the small hunger.


Price per person       60 minutes     CHF 20.-

Incl.   Bathrobe, towels

      Slippers, mineral water and fruits

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fitness room

If bathing weather is not announced, or you want to keep fit out of everyday habit, we recommend our fitness facilities. The same machines as in the centers at home have varied programs, the treadmills as well as the classic ones

exercise and endurance equipment.

You won't "rust" with us. :-)

The fitness room is included in the offer of the hotel price

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